GénàToile - User's guide

Step 3.1: entering your personal data

Enter your personal information. It will be displayed on the main page. You are free to enter or not all or part of the proposed information. However, it's recommanded to give a title for your main page (you can keep the default choice, but it's not actually self explanatory...).

If this data contains accented letters, just type them as is. GénàToile will manage the necessary conversion.
If you want, you can type some HTML code within this information (but don't come and ask me if you don't like the result ;o)) get a good book on HTML coding).

A detail: for the  e-mail address, just give the address (example: jbfahy@nordnet.fr). GénàToile will generate necessary information for those who will visit your pages : if they want to send you a message, they will just have to click on your e-mail address.
Likewise, type your internet URL address without http://, GénàToile will do it, allowing the readers to click on that link to go and surf on your web pages.

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Updated on February 3, 2003.
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