GénàToile - User's guide

Step 3.5: Lists of acts

This tab allow you to display chronological lists of acts (birth, baptism, marriage, death, inhumation) for selected places.

For the first try, I recommand you keep the default option "texe within place tag".
Type one or more place names (a line for each one) in the white rectangle.
All the birth, baptism, marriage, death, inhumation events having a date, and whose PLACE tag contains one of the name you typed, will be displayed in a list specific to this name..

Example: si vous type London, all the places containing London will be eligible, so "London", "London WC2", "London, UK", etc... but also "London?" and "Londonderry", "New London", etc...

If you need some restriction, start generating the Places/Surnames list, and have a look to the PLACE display in this list. Pick your place, and copy AS IS into the field.
At least, choose "exact text" before page genaration.

And what about generating pages, now...

Updated on February 6, 2003.
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