GénàToile - User's guide

Step 1: GEDCOM file selection

The File tab will first appear on your first time execution, or when you install a new version of GénàToile where the parameter file is not compatible with the previous version.
Click on "Change gedcom". You get a window, showing the files and directories available on your system. Select your gedcom file with a double-click on it's name, or by selecting it, then click on "Your choice".
You get a progress bar, and a beep will warn you when the file will be analyzed.

This window will not be the default one after the first execution of GénàToile, which will load the last work parameters, allowing you to start at the next step (gedcom file loading). The progresse bar will display at the beginning of GénàToile.
However, you can click on the "File" tab to select an other gedcom file.

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For advanced users:
If you choose a gedcom whose name was already used in a GénàToile execution, the corresponding execution parameters will be loaded. So you can work with many different gedcom files, with a parameters set for each one.

Warning: GénàToile stores these parameters in a file whose name is composed with the gedcom file name, without the directory/subdirectory name with the  suffix ".gat". This parameter file is created in the directory where is GénàToile.
If you always work with the same gedcom file name (example: "gedcom.ged"), under different subdirectories, GénàToile will not hand different execution parameters, as the parameters file name will always be the same ("gedcom.ged.gat").

As new GénàToile are released, the .gat files may be not compatible. You will have to enter your parameters again.
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Updated on February 3, 2003.
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