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Step 3.4: Contemporaneous

This tab allow you to choice what to display about comtemporaneous individuals.

If you want to display all the data from your gedcom, select the Full buttons in the Sosa displaying and Non Sosa displaying pannels.

Hide all data of contemporaneous with the selection Hide. Their name will be replaced by XXXX, and no other information will be displayed.

Display only full name, birth an death dates with the option birth date.

At least, display only full name, and the "contemporaneous" notice with the contemporaneous option.

If you asked for displaying Sosa numbers, you can affect them a specific choice in the Sosa displaying pannel.

In the miscellaneous pannel, you can modify the cut-off year (date after what an individual is considered as contemporaneous).
You can also display all data about deceased indivisuals with the choice View deceased.
At least, you can decide to consider the spouse of a living individual as contemporaneous (example: you only know the occupation of Mary Smith, et she is married to John Doo. Besides, John Doo is contemporaneous. If you check this box, Mary Smith will be noted as contemporaneous, and GénàToile will not display her occupation).

If you're very concerned about contemporaneous display, try differents choices.

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