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GénàToile is the successor of Ged2wwwf.
It generates HTML pages from a GEDCOM file, in order to publish your genealogy on internet, or on a CD-Rom, etc...
- this is NOT a program to capture and handle your genalogical information. You must have produce a GEDCOM file from your preferred genalogy program (GenTree, Hérédis, Brother's Keeper, WinFamily, Legacy, PAF, ...)
- GénàToile will only produce HTML files. It doesn't upload these files on internet (it can't transfer the generated files to the internet server in charge of your information).
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What's new since last version ?

The current GénàToile version is 0.21 beta 01-03-2003
This is the first version of the English documentation.

The parameter files of the versions before the 0.20 are not compatible with this version.

Modifications :
Enhancements :
- Background picture : if choosed, it gets the bgproperties=fixed parameter, so the picture desn't move during scrolling (works only with internet explorer browsers).
- French revolution dates from Hérédis : the @#DRFRENCH R@ parameter (not gedcom standard) is now ignored.
- Italian version.

Pages display :
- Notes at individual level : the mention "Note" is now displayed before the text.
- Rough tables for places list : indentation to improve readability.

Bugs fix :
- Sosa : correct Sosa number computing in cas of consanguinity.
- Sosa-d'Aboville : correct computing (the descendants of Sosa married twice or more could be incorrectly computed).

Known bug, not fixed  :
- Lists of acts : if there is no act for a choosen place, there is a displacement of the links on the main page.
By-pass : check the links of the main page after generation, and suppress the places without act.

Remainder of the modifications of the 0.20 version :
- Yellow square display for the connected ancestors.
- Blue square display for the connected descendants.
- Lists of acts = for the places of your choice, display of baptisms/births, marriages and deaths/inhumations in chronological order.
- Management of multiple names for an individual (more than one NAME item).
- Name sort : the space characters within a name are ignored in the sort procedure : "Du Pont" will be at the same level than "Dupont".
- The NOTEs under DATA items that are under SOUR items are now displayed.
- Management of multiple Sosa numbers for an individual.
- Added some more information in the log file (log.txt) in order to help bug fix.

Pages display:
- the month of page generation is displayed in letters, avoiding any confusion for anglo saxon readers.

Bugs fix:
- Fixed the unwanted stops indicated by user's bug reports.

The "shopping list" is
- html code insertion at beginning and end of each generated file
- original ged2www display

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systems running Windows 95, 98, Me, NT, 2000, XP
Prerequisite: you must have a Java machine on your system before you can run GénàToile. This Java machine is perhaps already on your system.
How to know it ? open Windows explorer, and display the directory containing genatoile.jar. If it's file-type is Executable Jar File, you're almost certain that  java is already installed.
I recommand to run a 1.3 version or higher of java. GénàToile will run with older versions, but you could experience display problems.

You can get the Java machine on Sun Microsystems site: last time I connected, you could download from this address. Get at least Java(TM) 2 Runtime Environment, Standard Edition US English version, or the all languages version, if you need it for other purposes.
You will download about 8 Mbytes (and more for the international version).

systems running Mac OS X
Mac OS X has an implemented java machine. So, nothing to download.

You certainly got GénàToile as a compressed (zipped) file, genatoile.zip. Unzip this file in a directory named as you want, keeping the subdirectory organisation in the zip-file. In the following, I'll assume that you named it GénàToile.
In this GénàToile directory, you'll get :
- genatoile.jar
- genatoile.gif
- genatoile.bmp
- local.fh
- local.fi
- local.fm
- local.fp
- reliure.gif
- rouge.gif
- vert.gif
- jaune.gif
- vert.gif
In the doc subdirectory :
- doc.html
- and the other help files
In the english and espanol subdirectories :
- local.fh
- local.fi
- local.fm
- local.fp

GénàToile is released as a run file, genatoile.jar, and complementary files :
- local.fm, file used to "translate" in readable language the gedcom-file dates, and some key words of the GEDCOM standard. You can learn more on the local.fm file, click here.
- local.fp, containing the prefixes of your surnames. Learn more.
- local.fi, containing the Graphic Uesr Interface texts. Learn more.
- local.fh, containing the texts for html pages generation. Learn more.
- reliure.gif, good-looking background screen file, but you can use other backgrounds, of course.
- rouge.gif, vert.gif, jaune.gifetbleu.gif just containing a red square and a green square, showing the Sosa and the cousins relatives of an individual you'll choose when executing GénàToile. You can replace these files with any other gif file you want, that you'll call  rouge.gif for showing Sosa, and vert.gif for showing the cousins. The same applies to jaune.gif and bleu.gif.
- genatoile.gif will give you a pretty ;o) icon to locate your favorite program when running
- genatoile.bmp can help you to locate a shorter for GénàToile execution.

The "local.xx" files for English language are in the "/english" subdirectory. If you want use this language, be sure to replace the basic "local.xx", which are French files. There is no specific installation procedure for English language.
For German, Spanish, Italian or Dutch languages, you'll find the local.xx in the "deutsch", "/espanol", "/italiano" or "neder" subdirectory. There is no specific installation procedure for these languages.
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Running GénàToile
Windows systems
From Windows explorer, double-click on genatoile.jar
You can create a shorter, that you can put on the desktop, or any place you prefer. You can modify the shorter's icon using genatoile.bmp
If you get a window with "Open with", you don't have a java machine on your system. Please refer to the previous paragraph to get and install this java machine.

Mac OS X systems
In the directory where GénàToile was unzipped, double-click on the genatoile.jar file

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Using GénàToile
You have 3 steps to run GénàToile:
- selection of the GEDCOM file that contains your genealogy
- loading this file (DON'T FORGET TO CLICK ON THE BUTTON !)
- parameters for your display choices, and generation

Besides, you can look at the documentation when choosing the Help tab, and see the generated pages with the View tab and click on View button.

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External options of the program
GénàToile uses these files that will influence the execution results :
- the "local.fi" file, which contains the words of the language used in the Graphic User Interface.
- the "local.fh" file, which contains the words of the language used to generate the HTML pages.
- the "local.fm" file, wich contains the glossary for the translation of the GEDCOM date coding.
- the "local.fp" file, wich contains the prefixes of surnames, in order to correctly sort the surnames (i.e.: "de Beauvoir" will be at letter B, "van Miegel" at letter M, etc...)
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Updated on March 2nd, 2003.
© Jean-Baptiste Fahy, 2001-2003